More on Soul Eater

Well, I’m really loving this show, but I can’t review it because the series is still going. Right now, Soul Eater is up to 37 episodes, and I’m waiting for the English subs to come out. And, while I’m waiting, I thought I would rant a little about how much I enjoy the show.

My favorite characters so far would have to be Maka, Soul, and Stein. Maka is the leading lady, so to speak; she’s the female protagonist and a scythe technician. Soul is Maka’s weapon and partner; he’s the male protagonist and a demon scythe. They probably quarrel more than other partners, but I think they care about each other more, too. Now, Stein is this crazy scientist/doctor guy who, by recent episodes, is going insane. I will not disclose why, because that would be releasing  spoilers~! Anyway, the reason why I love this guy is simply that he’s supposedly a “genius technician” and because I love insanity. I think it’s amusing.  :)

And so,  I end my rant. Goodbye for now.  ;D


~ by sublunaryxsoul on December 20, 2008.

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