Currently Watching: Soul Eater

Genre: action / fighting / supernatural
Setting: Earth / Death City
Special Groups/Powers: weapons, weapon technicians, shinigami, witches
Selling Point
: unique battle concept, unusual art/graphics, interesting storyline


No review yet; I haven’t finished the series. But — haha! This show is really fun to watch~! The humor is really quite juvenile, but… but it’s hilarious. C: Some parts of this anime seem blatantly Naruto-ish (one particular character comes to mind as I write this), but it’s overall very different from Naruto… thank goodness. For one thing, the battles are fun to watch, and they don’t drag on for 127862732612+ episodes at a time. The animation of this series is also very good. It’s not so much that it’s extremely high-quality (though, again, it’s very good), but that the animation seems to fit the series well. The character designs are interesting as well. Of course, it’s the characters’ personalities themselves that make them wonderful and likeable. There are…

Ah. Wait just one moment. I’m not supposed to review yet.

So! My impression of the series so far is that it’s a lot of fun to watch. When I’m done watching (don’t know how many episodes there are — more than 30, I think ), I’ll write a proper review. Until then~! x)


~ by sublunaryxsoul on November 22, 2008.

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