Favorite Lip Balm of All Time

Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer

Well. It’s a lip balm/shimmer/color tint all in one, and it has this great, tingly peppermint feeling when you put it on. Also, as I found out recently, this stuff actually helps suppress cold sores. (Speaking from experience.) ^^;;

The main ingredient of the balm is sunflower oil, but in regards to the cold sore suppression, it also contains peppermint oil. To cut a long explanation short, cold sores are commonly a result of Herpes Simplex 1, a virus. It is speculated that peppermint oil can act as a virucide, but too much of the stuff, I believe, is toxic. Luckily, Burt’s Bees has just a little bit in the balm (enough to produce that tingly feeling aforementioned), so it’s not harmful and it does actually help prevent the blemish from festering. In my experience, I applied the balm like a crazy person over what I noticed to be the beginnings of a cold sore, and the thing gradually began to shrink without any scarring/scabbing in the span of a few days.

Of course, I’m no medical practitioner, so what do I know? Maybe it happened to die down by coincidence. Just so you know, the Burt’s Bees company has never endorsed the use of their balms to prevent cold sores, so don’t sue me if it doesn’t work for you; this is all my own speculation and experience. xD

In any case, the balm as a cosmetic is wonderful too. It’s not like a lipstick, with thick coverage or bold color. The several shades are meant to simply tint your lips and give them a little bit of shine, which is great for casual occasions or day-to-day use. Depending on the shade, the lip balm can make it seem as though your lips are naturally that color — but of course, you have to consider things like shade vs. skin tone to make sure the color doesn’t clash with your face.

The ingredients are all natural, and the products are not tested on animals (for all you hippies out there). Remember that it’s a lip balm, and its basic function is to moisturize your lips, which it does successfully do. I think it also contains vitamin E or whatever, but between you and me — unless you eat that balm, it doesn’t matter; vitamins in topical beauty products don’t actually do anything.

[Shh. Don’t let the lotion companies know you know…]

Anyway. I highly recommended this product. Go buy five now.


~ by sublunaryxsoul on September 7, 2008.

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