Hanfu/Han Fu & Qipao/Qi Pao

Haven’t posted in a couple days. It’s because I’ve been preoccupied with some new discoveries as of late: articles of Chinese clothing called Han Fu and Qi Pao. They’re just beautiful, really. Being wholly American, despite my Chinese background, I’ve only ever seen Qi Pao on Asian-themed American cartoons (and other travesties of East-Asian culture), but I never even knew that Han Fu existed. Then again, I guess that makes me pretty stupid, because they’ve existed for thousands of years. =D


Qi Pao / Qipao…

Han Fu / Hanfu…

I really want a Qi Pao gown — but I really, REALLY want a Han Fu dress. You know, I’d love to walk into prom wearing that pretty multi-color one up there; it’s better than all the other mediocre/redundant/slutty prom dresses that you see all the time. (It’s called “elegance,” betches.)

However, all of the Han Fu cost well over $100… and the multi-color one is over $300. :’D Where am I to get that kind of money??

Actually, I have a plan. >=]


~ by sublunaryxsoul on August 26, 2008.

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