MAH [brother’s] CAT!!

Voilà, mon cher petit chat — “Gomi” desu.

(Here’s my dear little cat, Gomi.) Of course, he’s technically my brother’s cat, whom I only see on weekends/holidays when my brother comes home from college, like today. D8 I love that stupid beast…

The cat, I mean. Not my brother. -_-

The image is a bit blurry because he was sleeping in the dark hallway and I didn’t wanna disturb him. :3 Ain’t he lovely? Gomi’s fur is a light peach/white color, striped, as you can see. He’s such a darling. He follows me everywhere around the house and likes to sit on my window sill, staring out at the night. Looking for the moon, maybe?

Well, the only complaint I have is that he bolts out the front door whenever someone opens it, and it’s a hassle to get him back because he goes into feral-instinct-mode. DUMB CAT.

…I love you. ;_;


~ by sublunaryxsoul on August 22, 2008.

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